Are you looking for a Best Gaming Phone for Playing Games?


Are you a little worried about selecting the best gaming phone?

Hey, We are here to guide for buying the best gaming phones for gamers in 2022. Here you will find the necessary components to pick the best phone for gaming. So check all the components and factor before moving to the decision of buying the best gaming phone.

Gaming Phones have a High RAM and Storage, good battery life, the best processor for the best gaming experience to you. Read the article completely so you can make your decision perfectly.

Wait! But, Don’t Worry! Put all your tensions beside you. We include each thing that helps you to pick the best one!

Gaming Phone gives the best view and without interrupting, while playing games like Free Fire, Call Of Duty, PUBG Mobile, Asphalt 9 and so more. Nowadays everyone is looking for playing games on the phone to not be stuck in one place like when playing games on pc.

Nowadays, selecting the best gaming smartphone is very difficult because there are lots of alternatives in the market and different phones are coming with the different features and quality and specifications.

The gaming phone industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in recent times and picking the best phone for gaming is not easy. We already have some fastest popular games in recent times for mobile or phone like Fortnite, PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty and Asphalt 9.

Gaming smartphones are built up with the best processors, best accessories used to build it, Good RAM and storage, display quality and touch response, long battery life and so on. All the features were included in the gaming phones.

Let’s move to the guide for buying the best gaming keyboard in 2022:

  1. 1st Thing “Why should you purchase the Gaming Phone?
  2. 2nd Thing “Difference Between Gaming Phones and Other Phones
  3. 3rd Thing “Let’s Know The Factor to Check in the Gaming Phone

1st Thing “Why should you purchase the Gaming Phone?” – Guide for Buy The Best Gaming Phone In 2022

Gaming phones have all that ability and features which are in the simple smartphone but there are additional features covered in the gaming phones to make them gaming phones.

The best gaming smartphone is not much easier to define but some recommendations help to make a decision. Gaming mobiles are specially designed for gaming and recently gamers are choosing the gaming phones for great gaming performance. Gaming phones have high processors and RAM that boost up your gaming.

Gaming phones have a long battery life so you can enjoy gaming for a long time and operating systems and processors made for gaming in the gaming phones. So it is crucial to check before buying the best gaming smartphone.

2nd Thing “Difference Between Gaming Phones and Other Phones” – Guide for Buying The Best Gaming Phone In 2022

Some difference make gaming phones better than other phones such as,

  1. The best processor installed in the gaming phones that boost up the gaming performance.
  2. Gaming phone has a battery that runs for a long time so you can enjoy gaming for a couple of hours.
  3. They are designed especially for gaming so the operating system of the gaming phone is also battery than other phones.
  4. The display type is HD or UHD so gamers will get a clear picture in the games and give you the best gaming experience.
  5. The screen size of the gaming phones is larger than the other phones for operating gaming phones with both hands.

3rd Thing “Let’s Know The Factor to Check in the Gaming Phone” – Guide for Buy The Best Gaming Mobile In 2022

  1. Size
  2. Processor
  3. RAM
  4. Storage
  5. User Interface
  6. Display Type
  7. Operating System
  8. Battery Life
  9. Camera
  10. Price


If you think how screen size matters for gaming! But it matters a lot for playing games and also improving your gaming performance.

The screen size of the gaming phones are small so you can not play effectively and also you cannot spot enemies!

The screen size of the gaming phones are big so you can use both hands for playing games and also you will enjoy the gaming by improving your gaming style.

So before selecting the gaming phone for purchase, check the screen size of the gaming phone is big.


Gaming smartphone processor, moreover known as the chipset. It is the thing that is responsible for everything functioning in the gaming phone.

A hit processor now not simplest allows your gaming phone to feature seamlessly but is also capable of enhancing one of a kind factors. 

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Gaming Phone comes with Samsung chipset that is Samsung Exynos990.

A popular processor such as Snapdragon, Apple A13 Bionic, Exynos 990 and Kirin 990. Apple processors are recounted for raw computing energy and snapdragon processors are nearly the same withinside the android realm.


This refers to system memory that gaming smartphones use to carry data that active apps and games are in use. 

It is necessary to have sufficient RAM in the gaming phone that can allow you to own many games and apps running in the background.

Sufficient RAM can also give you multitasking experience in the gaming mobile.

However, some gaming phones are breaking all the barriers and installing a massive 12 to 16 GB of RAM in their gaming mobiles.

If you do not plan to go for higher RAM in the gaming phones, 6 to 8 GB is perfectly good for you and gaming.


The storage of the gaming mobiles are necessary to check and it should be also necessary to expandable internal storage.

Internal storage should be at least 64 GB storage and also the gaming phone has a feature of inserting an external MicroSD card for expanding storage.

And if the storage of a gaming phone is already 64 GB or higher than it, do not worry about the store data of the gaming.

This component is as critical as others, but it is necessary to check carefully if other factors are good but storage is low, cannot ignore it.

User Interface

User interface means by which the user and a gaming phone system interact, in particular the use of input devices and software.

The OnePlus Phone comes with the OxygenOS, Samsung Phone comes with the One UI 2, Xiaomi Phone comes with the MIUI, Oppo and Realme smartphones come with the ColorOS.

Remember to try to enjoy the User Interface earlier than buying a gaming phone for the tool to look if it works perfectly for you.

Display Type

Gaming phone display sizes seem to be growing from recent times and they have reached the ‘phablet’ biggest as much as 6.9 inches!

We suggest you go with the above 5.5 inches of gaming phone display size because you will immerse yourself into the games perfectly.

For display type, you have to check AMOLED display or not. It also has two variants such as OLED and Super AMOLED.

After all, you have to check the gaming phone supporting maximum resolutions like Ful HD or Full HD+ or UHD.

You have to also check the screen protection of your gaming phone. Gorilla 5 and 6 are coming with the recently in the gaming phones that provide good protection for your glass sandwiches.

Operating System

In gaming phones, different operating systems come with different gaming phones.

Most of the gaming mobiles are coming with the android operating system and apple’s iPhone are coming with the Apple iOS. But also some gaming mobiles are coming with the Windows operating system like some of Nokia’s smartphones.

Recently, Most gaming phones’ operating systems are Android 10. 

Gaming phones are depending on the operating system to access different app stores and install games like in Apple’s iPhone – App Store and Android’s phones – Google Play Store.

Also, it is necessary to check the version of OS in gaming smartphones. Newer gaming phones are running with the recent operating system and older gaming phones may have to be upgraded to the newer operating system or recent OS system.

Battery Life

The battery life of a gaming phone is necessary to check. It is a crucial part of the gaming mobiles or gaming tablets or gaming laptops. If the battery life of the gaming smartphone is not good enough to play games for a couple of hours then you do not have to go with that gaming phone.

You have to choose a gaming phone that comes with a superior and longest battery life.

If you closed all background apps regularly and only run the internet and other things when you needed to, the models from best gaming phones in 2022 hold out perfectly for a long time no matter how you will select games to play.


The camera is not much necessary in gaming smartphones because you are purchasing for playing games but the camera must be good enough for video calls.

Nowadays, each phone is coming with a camera with more than 12 MP camera on both sides.

It is not every time good to go with a higher megapixel because it doesn’t mean better images since the sensor size is a way for more integrals to produce a picture.

Gaming phones have also come with four cameras recently like Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra that adds clarity and detail to the picture.

Other Miscellaneous factors that you have to consider:

  • 5G or 4G or LTE – Support or not
  • Wireless charging – Don’t need to stuck in one place
  • Gaming Mode – Gaming Mode is specially designed for gamers
  • Fingerprint sensor vs Face Unlock – Security Reason
  • Bluetooth Version – Fast Transfer Files
  • OTG Support – Transfer files via OTG
  • Dual SIM or Single SIM
  • SIM Type – Nano-SIM or Not


Price of the gaming mobile and also your budget both you have to check before buying the best gaming phone.

You have to decide first your budget then going forward to the search like best gaming phone under 1000 or gaming phone 500

We suggest you an OnePlus 8 Glacial Green Gaming Phone for an affordable budget with high gaming performance and if you have more budget then you should go with the Apple iPhone that is Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Gaming Phone.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Gaming Phone is the best phone for gaming if you would like to go with Apple and ASUS ROG Phone 2 [New] Gaming Phone is one of the best gaming phones for professional gamers.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Gaming Phone is also a good gaming mobile for professionals gamer and newbies gamer too.

But note down it, if you would like to buy the qualitative product and qualitative material so more budget is required.


I hope above all information helps you to make a decision regarding buying the best gaming phone with your comfortability and at the cheapest rate.

You have to check all components of a gaming phone like size, processor, RAM and Storage, user interface, display type, operating system, battery life, camera, and also check pros and cons then moving to the price of the gaming phone. Which gaming phone you end up choosing, have fun and enjoy the growing world of mobile gaming.

Last Updated on August 12, 2022

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