Are you looking for a Best Gaming Monitor for Playing Games?


Are you a little worried about selecting the best gaming monitor?

Don’t know how to find it?

Here, We are here to guide for buying the best gaming monitor in 2022 for playing games so you can decide what necessary factors to check before buy the best gaming monitor.

Major factors for selecting a gaming monitor are its resolution, refresh rate and price. Then after some necessary factors should be considered while checking the gaming monitor specifications.

Here, the resolution of the gaming monitor depends on your PC capacity.

If the PC is powerful to run games at 2K and 4K resolutions that means it is the best gaming monitor for games. And if the PC is not good as run at resolution then 1080p resolution gaming monitors are best to run games.

Guide for Buying The Best Gaming Monitors In 2020

The refresh rate is also affected in playing games. So a powerful pc will need the gaming monitor with higher refresh rates.

But it does not mean that Refresh rate and Frames per Second are exactly the same. Is your PC powerful enough to get 60 fps in games or 120 fps in games or more?

So you can say that the higher refresh rate gaming monitor can support higher frames per seconds. It is crucial for gaming so check before buying the best gaming monitor.

The price depends on you. But one thing is you should remember that if the gaming monitor is expensive, run for long time periods. So check all the components before going to buying the best gaming monitor.

So it is necessary to know everything before buying the best gaming monitor for gaming as well as for everyday uses. Gaming monitors is one of the vital parts for gaming, without a monitor you cannot play PC games.

Let’s know What is The Differences between Gaming Monitor and Simple Monitor – Guide for Buying The Best Gaming Monitor in 2022

  1. Gaming Monitor comes with a high refresh rate that improves your gaming playing activity.
  2. Gaming Monitors have a high screen resolution that put you in the deeper sink of gaming.
  3. Gaming Monitors’ response time better than the simple monitors.
  4. In Gaming Monitors, IPS panels have the perfect viewing angle but the bad thing is the high response time. ( IPS stand for In-Plane Switching ) 
  5. Best gaming monitors are coming with either G-Sync or FreeSync technology that helps to smooth FPS.

Let’s know What Unique features under the Gaming Monitor? – Guide for Buying The Best Gaming Monitor in 2022

You have to check all the below features whenever you are going to buying the best gaming monitor. Good gaming monitor speeds up your gaming playing style as well as improves your gaming experience.

Let’s moving to the factors which you have to check whenever you will go to buying the best gaming monitor:

Response Time:

Response time is better if it is as much as lower. It gives you fast gaming activities. It results in fast and furious actions of the gaming without any lag. 

TN ( Twisted Nematic ) monitors are responding time that is 1ms and IPS monitors are slower responding time that is 4ms. ( ms stands for a millisecond )

So whenever you are going to play games, it is necessary that the response time is good if it is as much as lower and avoids latency.

Here, we can suggest you check the response time of all gaming monitors and then pick one whose response time is low and then enjoy your games!

Refresh Rate:

Whenever you are looking for a gaming monitor to play games like PUBG, Fortnight and Counter Strikes and other first-person shooter games, refresh rate plays a vital role.

The refresh rate is better if it is as much as higher. It means making your gaming monitor faster to refresh for doing all the activities.

A 60 Hz becomes common in 2022 but as said above for gaming, the refresh rate is better if 144 Hz and even better if it is 200 Hz.

So you got how much refresh rate is prominent and quite necessary for gaming, Do not forget to check my friend! All the Best!

Screen Size:

Screen size also matters whenever thinking about the gaming monitor or a simple monitor. Most of the gamer avoid small screen size, gaming monitors.

Larger display size gaming monitors enlarge your gaming experience and feel you were playing on the field.

But wait! For larger display size, You have to keep a Large Space for it and its prices are also high.

So it becomes important for gaming to have a large screen size but not a large space for it, go for medium screen size.

Dear Friend! we hope you may decide about the screen size.

Aspect Ratio:

The aspect ratio shows the gaming monitor’s width and height of the display. It is an important factor for gaming.

Most of the widescreen monitors come with a 16:9 aspect ratio. This aspect ratio shows common in the simple monitors.

Older monitors come with a square format that is 4:3 but it is not good for gaming monitors in 2022.

In 2022, Ultra-wide gaming monitors come with a 21:9 aspect ratio that is the best for giving you a wider view of your games as well as its reach is increasing rapidly.

So nowadays every gamer is going towards Ultra-Wides aspect ratio of gaming monitors in 2022.


A resolution of a gaming monitor is the somewhat critical factor when looking for it as per your needs.

A resolution is better if it is as much as higher. The higher resolution means a clear and sharp picture.

But for the higher resolution, it is necessary that you have the powerful graphics card to run.

So your graphics card should be as much as good to run at a high resolution like Full HD ( 1920 * 1080 ).

Nowadays, gaming monitors are coming with high resolution that is WQHD ( 2560 * 1400 ) and 4K ( 3840 * 2160 ). But as we said, graphics cards should be powerful to run games at high resolution.

G-Sync and Free-Sync:

In 2022, G-Sync or Free-Sync technology comes with the best gaming monitor for improving your gaming style and performance as well as your experience.

You may have noticed that probably sometimes both come in the gaming monitor.

Both technologies help keep frames per second (fps) straightforward and trouble-free, clear picture and minimize lag in the games.

G-Sync is developed by Nvidia, so it required an Nvidia GPU and tech is built into gaming monitors thus their price tag is also high.

Free-Sync is developed by AMD. This type of gaming monitor is usually economical because AMD provides it at free of cost.

So check the gaming monitor have G-Sync or Free-Sync or both before going to buying the best gaming monitor.

Panel Type:

A panel type is a technical term. It contributes to the gaming monitor to speed up by reducing response time and giving you clear image quality.

TN ( Twisted Nematic ) panels are affordable. This panel type has the lowest response timing but the drawback of this panel is that the viewing angle is not great.

IPS ( In-Plane Switching ) panels have great viewing angles. This panel provides you with a unique feature of colour reproduction but the major drawback of this panel is that the response time is high.

VA ( Vertical Alignment ) panels have features of above both types of panel type. This panel has low response time but not as other panels and not great but good viewing angle. This panel’s features makes it rare in the gaming world.


Price of the gaming monitor and also your budget both you have to check to buying the best gaming monitor.

You have to decide first your budget then going forward to search for the best gaming monitor under 500, gaming monitor under 1000, etc.

We suggest you Sceptre Curved Gaming Monitor for lower budget and if you have more budget then you should go with the Viotek FI24D Gaming Monitor.

Viotek GFI27QXA Gaming Monitor is the best for the professional gamer as well as it has all features to satisfy gamer’s need and wants

The MSI 32″ Full HD Gaming monitor is also a good gaming monitor for a gamer.

But the note, if you want the qualitative product and material so more budget is required.

Conclusion: ( All The Best! Buy The Best Gaming Monitor )

I hope above all information helps you to make a decision to buy the best gaming monitor with your comfortability and at the cheapest rate.

You have to check all components of the gaming monitor like response time, refresh rate, screen size, aspect ratio, resolution, G-Sync and Free-Sync, panel type, also check pros and cons then moving to the price of the gaming monitor. So our guide may help you to buy the best gaming monitor

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