Guide for Buying The Best Gaming Keyboard In 2022

Are you looking for a Best Gaming Keyboard for Playing Games?


Are you worried about selecting the best gaming Keyboard?

Don’t have any idea about it?

Here, We guide for buying the best gaming keyboard in 2022 for playing games so you can decide what components to check before buying the best gaming keyboard.

All the simple keyboards cannot give you comforts in gaming. Thus for gaming, you have to go with gaming keyboards and increase your gaming performance more than your enemies.

Gaming Keyboards are expensive no doubt, but it comes with the additional gaming features and uniqueness then simple keyboards. Gaming keyboards are only made to satisfy a gamer’s need and wants.

Also an additional feature like maintaining the keyboard’s RGB lighting through their software to make the keyboard more attractive. Gaming keyboard gives you a different setup for a game to game.

Now move to the main thing about Best Gaming Keyboard: ( Guide For Buying The Best Gaming Keyboard In 2022

  1. What are the best gaming keyboards?
  2. Why are gaming keyboards different and better than other keyboards?
  3. How to choose the best gaming keyboard for you?

1st thing What are the best gaming keyboards? – Guide For Buying The Best Gaming Keyboard In 2022

Best Gaming keyboards depend on the gamer’s gaming style and situation. We found some common features in all the gaming keyboards such as mechanical keys where keycaps are removable and cleanable, RGB lighting to make your keyboard more attractive ( it is not necessary if you don’t go with it but it makes your keyboard different than others ), Key presses and it’s designed to give you comfort.

The Best gaming keyboards are Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Rapidfire Gaming Keyboard and Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard.  Both give you comfort and increase your gaming performance. These gaming keyboards are only made for gaming and its look makes it different from simple keyboards.

The best gaming keyboards look like a luxurious item and additional features come with it but don’t we also all deserve to have the best gaming mouse with it? This is one of the best ways to interact with your pc. So picking up the best gaming keyboard that is comfortable, responsive and robust. It looks luxurious and has RGB lighting too.

The 2nd thing Why are Gaming Keyboards different and better than other keyboards? – Guide For Buying The Best Gaming Keyboard In 2022

  1. Gaming Keyboards have some extra features like RGB lighting and Illumination.
  2. Gaming Keyboards come with special macro and media keys to access functions directly.
  3. Mechanical Gaming Keyboards are specially designed in three key types. Linear key types are best for gaming.
  4. Cherry MX keys make gaming keyboards more attractive and awesome.
  5. Gaming Keyboards are coming with the anti-ghosting to play fastly without interruption.

The 3rd Thing How to Choose the best gaming keyboard for you? – Guide For Buying The Best Gaming Keyboard In 2022

Many gaming keyboards are coming with mechanical switches, with different kinds of things. Working out with the best switches help you to narrow down the best gaming keyboards are the one you need to get.

So dear friends let’s discuss the gaming keyboard features that should be in it for gaming:

  1. Membrane vs. Mechanical
  2. Illumination
  3. Cherry MX
  4. Media Keys & Macro Keys
  5. Key types
  6. Weight
  7. Wired or Wireless
  8. Keyboard Size
  9. Anti-Ghosting
  10. Ergonomic
  11. Software
  12. Price

Membrane vs. Mechanical:

Membrane And Mechenical

There are many types of keyboards in the market but they mostly use Membrane and Mechanical Keyboards.

Membrane Keyboards are cheaper as compared to Mechanical keyboards as well as membrane keyboards are not made for gaming. Mechanical Keyboards are best for gaming.

In brief, membrane keyboards work by running an electrical current through two mushy plastic membranes whereas mechanical keyboards are like old typewriters. But although Mechanical keyboards work reliably and feel comfortable.

Here, the clear answer about choosing keyboard type for gaming is Mechanical and Membrane keyboards are cheaper but often used for office work and also not providing additional gaming features and not satisfying your everyday gaming productivity.


Illumination makes the keyboard attractive and looks awesome. Generally, there are three types of backlighting in the keyboards: None, One Color and Full RGB.

Backlighting is not as useful as it sounds. You have to figure out a gaming command if you are not an excellent typist.

On the other hand, if you have a black computer case, a black mouse and a red power indicator on your keyboards, a blazing red keyboard is going to look pretty good.

Price increases if you are going with RGB Lighting features. We recommend buying the best gaming keyboard as per your setup.

Cherry MX:

Cherry MX keys are industry-standard. You can imitate them if a keyboard manufacturer cannot get Cherry MX keys.

Cherry MX comes with a different variety of colours and the most common switches are Red, Brown, and Blue.

  • Red keys are quiet and reply to a soft-touch.
  • Brown keys are quiet but resistant
  • Blue keys are clackety and resistant

However, it’s better to buy the best gaming keyboard that lets you adjust colours as you want to change colour anytime.

You can go with Cherry MX, purchase keycaps from a different variety of available colours and replace tops of your keys as per your need.

Media Keys & Macro Keys:

Whenever you are going to buy the best gaming keyboard, check the availability of media keys and macro keys to access directly from the keyboard and speed up your gaming performance.

These extra macro keys are assigned to reduce response time through single keystroke to perform a predefined combination of actions.

A single keystroke is all your need to fast work and hug convenience and short reaction time. Nowadays gaming laptops also come with macro keys to boost up your gaming performance.

Nowadays, Many Gaming keyboards offer media keys such as play/pause, volume control, skip-track etc. This helps to play music through one click and also control the volume increase or decrease in the middle of your game.

Key Types:

Mechanical keyboards are often used for gaming as we discussed above, here also mechanical keyboards come with the different types of keys.

We recommend some of the best mechanical gaming keyboards are available with various switch options. There are three types of keys as under:

  • Tactile: Switches with tactile feedback
  • Clicky: Switches with tactile and audible feedback
  • Linear: Switches without any tactile or audible feedback

Typically, linear switches are recommended for gaming, clicky switches are recommended for most of typing, and tactile switches come with both features.


Gaming Keyboard weight is not much required to check but you have to check weight when you go to buy the wireless gaming keyboard.

Wireless gaming keyboard we purchased only and only for our comfort so if it is heavy, we do not like to keep in hand. And the desk will be required if the gaming keyboard is heavy.

But we do not recommend gamer to go with wireless gaming keyboards for gaming for better gaming experience and performance.

Wired or Wireless:

There are both types of the keyboard in the market such as Wired Gaming Keyboard and Wireless Gaming Keyboard.

Wireless keyboards help you to stay away and comfort as you want and you do not have to be stuck near a PC.

But we strongly recommend you to go with Wired Gaming Keyboard for not worrying about losing connection and also boost up your gaming performance and quick actions.

Keyboard Size:

Keyboard size is dependent on the alphanumeric section, dedicated number pad, special function keys, macro keys, media keys, directional cursor keys.

Gaming keyboards come with the all above keys and also they are designed to fulfil all your gaming needs and wants.

But here you have only to check the size of the keyboard for fit at your gaming desk and comfort with your gaming setup.

For a gamer, no need for a number pad, so the “Tenkeyless” size of the gaming keyboard is good for gaming with low space required.

The size of the gaming keyboard is smaller compared to the desk and the entire pad is good for gaming.


Anti-ghosting helps you after you press too many keys during a short time for the keyboard controller to handle and It lands up losing keystrokes.

Office keyboards normally limit two to three keys, whereas gaming keyboards have a much higher limit than office keyboards: 10 keys.

Also, Gaming keyboards are enabling you to type many commands in a short time without losing keystrokes.

This is also referred to as Number Of Key RollOvers ( NKRO ) the keyboard can indicate in sequence.

You have to buy the best gaming keyboard with an excellent anti-ghosting feature for avoiding mix signals associated with ghosting.


Ergonomics is a key factor for every gamer in a gaming setup and also if the keyboard will become worth it when it is convenient for gaming.

Some Gaming keyboards come with the smart key location that stays focused on your game rather than staring at your monitor continuously.

These gaming keyboards are also coming with wrist strands that will save wrists from numbness after a couple of gaming sessions.


Software is a crucial part of getting the required drivers. Software is robust support to you and it comes with peripherals.

Software is one of the best features in the gaming keyboard that allows you to save different configuration profiles on the keyboard and you can reprogram the keys.

Good software offers convenience in programming and simply selecting actions from the menu for setting up macros. Some great brands such as Logitech, Corsair, and Razer have good software that works with their peripherals.


Price of the gaming keyboards and also your budget both you have to check to buy the best gaming keyboard.

You have to decide first your budget then going forward to search for the best gaming keyboards under 500, gaming keyboards under 1000, etc.

We suggest you a HyperX Alloy Origins Core Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for lower budget and if you have more budget then you should go with the Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Rapidfire Gaming Keyboard.

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Rapidfire Gaming Keyboard is the best for professional gamers as well as it covers all the gaming features to boost up gaming performance.

The Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard is also a good gaming keyboard for a gamer.

But the note, if you want the qualitative product and material so more budget is required.

Conclusion: ( Buying The Best Gaming Keyboard )

I hope above all information helps you to decide on buying the best gaming keyboard with your comfortability and at the cheapest rate.

You have to check all components of gaming keyboards such as a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX key or not, illumination, extra programmable keys, key types, wired or wireless keyboard, weight, keyboard size, anti-ghosting, ergonomic, software and also check pros and cons then moving to the price of the gaming keyboards.

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