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Here, we give you basic information about the best Xbox One Controller, which information helps you to understand what is Xbox One Gaming Controller?, How does it work? And What’s unique about there?

Guide buy the best xbox one controller 2021

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At the movement, we want your little focus on the important things which you needed to check out before buying the Xbox One controller. That is listed under;

  • Brand
  • Colour
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Connectivity (Wired / Wireless)
  • LED Lights
  • Comparability (USB Cable / Bluetooth / Headset / USB-C)
  • Battery (Required / Not required)

Let’s start Ultimate Guide Buy The Best Xbox One Controller 2021

The First thing you should know: “What is an Xbox One Controller?”

The answer is; It is fundamental Game Controller for Xbox One. It’s working or connecting with Xbox series X, Xbox Series S, Linux, macOS, iOS, Window Based PC and Android.

It comes in various designs and shapes, also differs with redesigned sticks, shoulder buttons, Triggers and new rumble motors.

Second Thing: How does Xbox One Controller work?

The answer is; All Xbox One Controllers need either a pair of traditional AA Batteries or a rechargeable battery.

A battery can be charged with a charger or trickle charge with a micro USB connection to the console. It also notifies you when the battery is running low.

Third Thing: What’s unique about Xbox One Controller?

The answer is; Many extra features make it unique. That is listed below,

  • Trigger Rumble Motors
  • Battery pack
  • Haptic feedback triggers
  • Faster response time
  • Micro-USB port
  • IR sensor
  • Plus shaped D-pad
  • Grip texture around sticks

Fourth Thing: Which buttons come with the Xbox One Controller as a functionality?

The answer is; Many buttons, triggers and sticks feature with the best Xbox One Controller as a functionality. That named such as,

  • Digital D-pad
  • Two Analog triggers (LT, RT)
  • Two Shoulder buttons (LB, RB)
  • Two clickable Analog sticks (Right and Left)
  • Seven digital buttons (Y, B, A, X, Menu, View, Xbox)
  • Wireless pairing button
  • Share button

Last Thing: Classify the name of connectivity options given with Xbox One Controller?

The answer is; Much more connectivity options given with best Xbox One Controller, that gains expand your connectivity with other gaming Accessories. Named as

  • Micro-USB port
  • 3.5 mm stereo audio jack
  • Wireless
  • USB-C port
  • Bluetooth 4.0
FAQ about The best xbox one controller

FAQ About The Best Xbox One Controller

Which Xbox One controller is the best?

It comes in many varieties and values. That best decides on your priorities and choices. Just now, we categories them as per the quality. That is systematized downstairs:-
Best Overall:- Razer Wolverine Ultimate Officially Licensed
Best Price Value:- Microsoft Elite Series 2
Best Wired:- Hyperkin Duke and PowerA Fusion Pro
Best Wireless & Bluetooth:- Microsoft Elite Series 2

How to turn on Xbox One controller?

Xbox One Controllers turn on with the following very few steps. It’s very effortless. Follow below footsteps;

Open and switch on your Xbox One. Slot AA batteries or rechargeable batteries in your Xbox One Controller. [MARK DOWN: If it is wireless, insert AA batteries.] Charge your controller’s rechargeable battery which innovates with USB-C cable for charging. Press the Xbox One Power Key to start your controller, it starts with the lit flash. [MARK DOWN: You must check out the battery is charged while the rechargeable battery is used.] Press and allow to leave the pair button on Xbox One. Press and hold the pair button on the top of the controller until your controller’s Xbox button flashes a few times when it’s searching for Xbox One Console. It stays at once flash that means it’s connected. [MARK DOWN: Frequent this for all controllers, up to 8 wireless controllers connect with the console.]

How can you test your Xbox One controller?

You need to follow a little easy stairway for testing your Xbox One Controller in Microsoft Windows. Stairway started from; Open your game controller in the control panel. It has own two following methods, you should follow:-

1. Click the Start button of Windows. Open and Start Search Box Type “joy.cpl” and press Enter key. Click the start button of Windows in Windows XP and earlier versions of windows. After that open run box and type “joy.cpl” and press ok.
2. Select your Gaming Xbox One Controller and see properties of it. Open and use the test tab for verifying the functionality of your Gaming Controller.
In this process, you can’t detect your Xbox One Controller on Windows and some problems occur in working it. Please, associate with the manufacturer of it and solve the problems.

[Notice: All Microsoft Windows versions don’t do the same, in that case, the above steps are different to see that on your product documentation book.

How to connect an Xbox One Controller to a PC?

Hold the Guide button down on the controller to turn it on. Hold the Pairing button on the controller for three seconds until the Guide button flashes. Right-click on the Bluetooth icon in your system tray and click “Add a Bluetooth Device. “Click “Add Bluetooth or other Device” and select Bluetooth. Click “Xbox Wireless Controller. “Wait until the Guide button is solid white and the Bluetooth menu says the controller is connected. Start playing!

The credit of This Answer: PCMAG

What controllers do pro-Xbox players use?

SCUF Controllers are especially useful for pro-Xbox One Players who play games on Gaming Consoles. It’s specially designed for first-person shooters like call on duty. The SCUF Gaming Controller works as an official partner of major gaming leagues named; CDL, MLG, ESL, UMG, GFINITY and EGL. It has come with apparel which is specially designed for elite gamers for no more competition for them. And that is also offering a variety of accessories to connect with it.
We know, when someone plays for an all-day means a long time session, comfort makes the most important priority for that. So, SCUF Controllers discover more comfortable ways for long periods as all-day comfort. It has also customized options for satisfying your own needs.

Which Xbox one controller should I have to buy?

Xbox Controller is available in two types; identified as wireless and Wired Xbox One Controller. It has a wide range of value, features and brands. All Xbox One controllers have their specialities and uniqueness. Depends on your choice and requirements, which will select which one is best for you, should buy. But here we wanna suggest you the best one. I hope that’ll help you to decide which is suitable for you to buy. Under the name of best suitable Controller is Microsoft Elite Series 2, you should buy for enjoyment and real gaming experience.

Is the Xbox One controller better than ps4?

Yes… Xbox One Controller is a top choice for gamers. But some differences occur in both of them, which decides which is better than the other. All the PS4 controllers connect with Bluetooth, but Only new Xbox Controllers connect via Bluetooth. The PS4 controllers cheaply put new life into the controller(restore) via Micro USB cable, while Xbox One Controllers need rechargeable Batteries or AA Batteries. Hence, PS4 doesn’t need to buy batteries and Xbox One Controller needs to buy batteries for play.

What is the port on the bottom of the Xbox One controller?

The port on the bottom of it is named as an Expansion Port. It’s stated at the bottom side edge in it, it’s designed for expanding connectivity of Xbox One Controller. It supports securely fixing other additional accessories like Xbox One Chat Headset.

How can I fix my Xbox One controller?

Many problems can occur in it, you should need to fix it in different ways.

1st Your Xbox One Controller is not connecting with the console?

In that case, you should check some common issues like;
1. Xbox One gaming console only supports up to 8 Controllers. When 8 controllers are already connected, you can’t connect one more Controller with the console.
2. Xbox One Controller only connects with one Xbox One system at the same time. If You pair your Controller with other consoles when you need to repair it. This is repeatedly noted to connect with the PC.

2nd Your Xbox One Controller is paired but keeps disconnecting?

In that case, some frequent issues occur, you need to solve that.
1. All Controllers come with power saving mode, that disconnect your controller when you didn’t use your Xbox One Controller up to 15 minutes.
2. One more reason may be to disconnect your controller. All controllers have a normal range up to 19 to 28 feet. You must play and move your Controller inner the range.
3. Most important thing is to check if your battery is charged or not. Sometimes battery low may cause disconnecting your controller. If the battery is low, recharge it or replace it.
Follow steps to check your battery status;
○ Tap Xbox One button.
○ Go for Home Menu.
○ Look for the battery icon on the top-right corner.

3rd Your Xbox One Controller is blinking?

When That problem occurs in your Xbox One Controller, that may have some causes.
1. When your controller doesn’t connect with the console, it will be blinking. We know it happens when your Controller is paired with other systems.
2. Your controller doesn’t connect with using the buttons. You should pair your controller with the Micro-USB cable. Plug one side into the console’s USB port or other one plugs into your controllers. After that press the Xbox button for a few seconds to connect with the console.
3. You can’t succeed to solve the problem, you should restart your console. Press or hold the power button in front of the system for 10-15 seconds for power off and re-press or hold it for 10-15 seconds for power on.

4th Your Xbox One Controller is not turning on?

That may have some causes, needs to solve it. Your Xbox One Controller is turning on or working properly.
1. First, you check your batteries are dead or low. When your battery is low, change or charge your AA batteries. And try it again. You can also purchase Xbox One Play or Charge Kit for rechargeable batteries.
2. If your changed batteries also not working, you should do: Turn off your Xbox One by pressing or holding the power button for 10 seconds. Then Unplug your console’s power cable.

What should be the price of the Best Xbox One Controller? 

Price of it and also your budget both you have to check before buying the best one. You have to decide first your budget then going forward to the search like best Xbox one controller under 100.

We suggest a Microsoft Elite Series 2 for an affordable budget with high gaming performance and Razer Wolverine Ultimate Officially Licensed is also best gaming Xbox one controller. But the thing you should know is that if you would like to buy the qualitative product and qualitative material so more budget is required.


I hope above all information helps you to make a decision regarding buying the best gaming Xbox one controller with your comfortability and at the cheapest rate.

As we told you above Microsoft Xbox One Controller, Razer Xbox One Controller and AmazonBasics Xbox One controller are very good for gaming and gives you a pure gaming experience.

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