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Are you a little worried about selecting the best gaming mouse and don’t know how to find it?

We are here to give you the complete guide for buying the best gaming mouse for playing games so you can decide what necessary factors to check before buy the best gaming mouse. Read our article till the end so you can make your decision perfectly.

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Let’s start with the basic information about Gaming Mouse.

All the computers or laptops need the support of the mouse. We can also say that the mouse is a major part of the computer or laptop like CPU. Nowadays, all the laptop comes with a touch-pad, but that isn’t an essential response to games. That’s why gamer prefers the gaming mouse for playing games on their PC or Laptop.

Are You a Gaming lover? 


And you like to play a games a lot.

The first thing is to know about Gaming Mouse – Guide for Buy The Best Gaming Mouse :

The gaming mice are a little different from other mice. The gaming mouse comes with more programmable buttons and unique designs.

The gaming mouse gives you maximum comfort with it and high accuracy and speed of performance. These are specially designed for the gamer to speed up and improve gameplay.

Although Good Gaming Mice does not come at the cheap price, it does not mean that your investment will not be worth it but they are completely worth it for PC gamers at each gaming moment.

To choose the best gaming mouse for playing games in your style, you will have to think about your gaming sessions, your budget and extra features of the gaming mouse.

Also, check the warranty of the gaming mouse given by the seller then after buy the best gaming mouse.

Second thing is to see What is the difference between a gaming mouse and a regular mouse? – Guide for Buy The Best Gaming Mouse :

  1. Basically a mouse comes with two primary buttons for every operation, but the gaming mouse comes with different programmable buttons for easy and fast performance for gaming.
  2. Regular mouse available in all most of the same basic designs, but gaming mouse available with different classy and comfortable designs especially for the gamer.
  3. Gaming mice have high accuracy, comfort, and sensitivity as compared to a regular mouse.
  4. Basically a traditional mouse is very heavy in weight, but a gaming mouse is adjustable in weight.
  5. A gaming mouse has a better sensor compared to traditional mice.
  6. The higher IPS of gaming mouse means the high-speed movement of the gaming mouse
  7. CPI stands for Counts Per Inch. Also, we can say that the gaming mouse sensor will read the tracking surface at a certain time. 
  8. CPI is a more accurate term. It depends on your gaming mouse pad which moves at every inch.
  9. CPI is also referred to as a DPI. DPI Stands for Dots Per Inch.

This all are the difference between a Gaming Mouse and a Regular Mouse. Check all the difference then buy the best gaming mouse.

Third thing is to know What Unique features under Gaming Mice? – Guide for Buying The Best Gaming Mouse :

We know that gaming mice have some unique features that make them different from traditional mice. That unique features are listed below:

  1. Programmable Buttons
  2. Wired/ Wireless
  3. Response Time
  4. Sensor
  5. Adjustable Weight
  6. Design and Comfort

Programmable Buttons:

Normal mice have two functioning buttons to perform all the tasks but gaming mice have many functioning/programming buttons to perform multi-tasks.

To perform different tasks and actions, different programmable buttons are given in the gaming mouse. 

That’s an easy and quick action to improve gaming performance.

Wired / Wireless:

Normally, mice come with the wire to connect with a laptop or PC. The new gaming mouse comes to wireless or wired both. 

The wired mouse has a limited area for use because of wire. 

Wireless mouse has given you a wide area to use the mouse for dragging, selecting, and moving the data.

Once upon a time, wireless mice are not in use but now wireless mice come with newer technologies and improvement.

These mice give you a wide-area range for connectivity with USB or nano transmission.

Response time:

The polling rate is the determination of responding to mouse timing. The polling rate is determined in Hertz (Hz). 

The standard polling rate for standard mice is 125 Hz.

This works on reducing the gap between each transmission. That’s the gain as the cursor runs smoother and more precision feels on screen. 

The ideal response time is more than 250 Hz, 500 Hz, and 1000 Hz for a gamer.


Two types of sensors are given in mice, named optic sensors and laser sensors. Laser sensors are more in trend. That gives you more accurate results and fast response time. 

Nowadays, the majority of mice come with laser sensors.

Adjustable weight:

The traditional mouse is heavy in weight but the new gaming mouse is lightweight. 

People also vary to use different mice as per their comfort. Some people like to use the heavy traditional mouse and some people like to use a light-weight mouse. 

So, new gaming mice come with small selection parts of weight that are insert-able or removable for customizing mice’s weight.

Design and comfort:

Mostly mice come with “Ergonomic Design” that is most preferable for gamers. Mice shape gives the maximum comfort to gamers. 

Different people vary in different comfort levels. So, mice are designed in different styles and shapes for giving maximum comfort to users.

If you are using one shape for hours or more than it is, that is the advantage of getting the best fit with maximum comfort.

And the last one is to see why the gaming mouse is the best? – Guide for Buy The Best Gaming Mouse :

Gaming mice are best as different from a traditional mouse. Some major differences that can help you to understand, Do the gaming mouse best to improve your gaming performance? and Why do you need to purchase a gaming mouse?

So, friends let’s know the Reason Why is the Gaming Mouse best?

  1. The gaming mouse is furnished with Programmable buttons, which helps you to quickly access the specific functions and actions.
  2. The gaming mouse comes with newer technologies and improvements in wireless connection. 
  3. Laser sensors come with gaming mice that are giving you a more accurate and fast response. 
  4. The gaming mouse comes with adjustable weight, a small selection of weight is inserted in the mouse which is removable for customized weight. 
  5. Most normal mice are made with normal plastics but gaming mice are made with extra material and a comfortable grip for gamers.

Conclusion: ( All The Best! Buy The Best Gaming Mouse )

I hope above all information helps you to make a decision to buy the best gaming mouse with your comfortability and at the cheapest rate. As per the editor’s choice, Mad Catz The authentic R.A.T.6+ Optical Gaming Wired Mouse.

In short, You will have to check all components of gaming mouse like programmable buttons, wired or wireless, response time, sensor, adjustable weight, design and comfort, also check pros and cons then moving to the price of the gaming mouse.

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